6 Popular Sunroom Design Trends

A sunroom, also known as a 3-season room or a Florida room, is a wonderful feature to add to your home. We discussed the benefits of sunrooms in our blog post Thinking of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home? Now, we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about popular design features that you can incorporate into your sunroom!

Here are 6 sunroom design trends that are all the rage this year:
1. Brick Flooring

Brick flooring is a classic choice and will add instant charm to any sunroom! Beyond aesthetic, brick stays warmer than tile or hardwood in the winter adding to the year-round usability of your space.

brick flooring

2. Fire Feature

Incorporating a fire place or wood stove into your sunroom is not only an eye-pleasing feature, but it is also very practical. This kind of feature will allow you to take full advantage of your room, even in the colder winter months.

fire feature

3. Contemporary Furniture

Consider going contemporary with your furniture choices, as opposed to choosing wicker or another outdoor furniture option. If you’re going to be using your sunroom year-round, the furniture you choose should be as comfortable as whatever you have in your living room!

Sunroom contemporary Furniture

4. Full Florida

Achieve a classic Florida look with tropical prints, extensive windows and comfortable rattan or bamboo furniture. Top it all off with a pale blue ceiling for the full Florida effect!

full florida style sunroom

5. Textures

Go texture crazy with natural-fiber rugs, heaps of pillows and cozy throws! These easy additions will add warmth to your home and will keep you warm come winter time.

textured sunroom design

6. Plants

Add a pop of colour to your sunroom with beautiful begonias and African violets — these popular sunroom plants thrive in the indoor/outdoor environment that such a room creates. Peace lilies are another excellent choice for a sunroom as they grow to be quite tall and elegant.

Plants in Sunroom

A sunroom is a place to enjoy with your whole family or by yourself with a good book. Decorate it to your taste with the help of these 6 design trends and enjoy!

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