Budget-Friendly Bathroom Refresh Ideas

A bathroom is an important piece of the home. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make your bathroom great either. If you’re not ready to go in for a full reno yet, or if you are renting, there are still some simple ways you can improve upon your bathroom space. Here are five easy makeover ideas, for those looking to jazz up their bathroom on a budget.

1. Restoring Tile Floors

Older tile and vintage floors accumulate ground-in dirt over time that can turn a white into grey or a bright yellow into brown. Refresh your bathroom’s tiled floor by scrubbing it with an eco- and homeowner-friendly acid etcher that will remove any build up from the surface and grout lines. You can pick up a bottle of acid etcher at most home improvement stores for under $20.

Floor Repair

2. Paint Walls a Complementary Colour

A fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to liven up any space, including your bathroom. Over time, moisture and condensation will stain the colour of your bathroom walls, but this is easily fixed with a layer of paint. You can get a mould and mildew-resistant variation for a little under $50! Try a bright colour in a harmonious shade that will tie in with other features such as your floor or window covering colour.

Painting Bathroom Walls

3. Frame Your Mirror

If you have a plain sheet mirror, you can transform it into a statement piece by framing it. For a classy Victorian look, fluted door casing would work beautifully. For a warm industrial feel, overlaying a wood frame would do the trick. Whatever the look you are going for, you can play it up by making your mirror front and center. A typical framing job will run you about $45.

Framing a Mirror

4. Install New Light Fixtures

A simple way to brighten up your space is to replace your old light fixtures with something that pops. Whether you choose a flashy chandelier, an industrial metal fixture or a sleek modern lantern, switching out old, dull light fixtures for a new statement piece will have a big impact on the aesthetic of your bathroom space. If you install a chandelier, make sure you adhere to electrical code, and allow at least 8 feet of clearance from the rim of your tub to the bottom of the pendant. You can purchase affordable, stylish light fixtures for under $100 at your local Ikea.

Lighting Fixtures

5. Dress Up Your Windows with Shades

Another easy way to up the appeal of your bathroom space is to install some attractive blinds or shades. Unadorned windows can come across harsh, and it’s amazing what a pretty window shade can do to warm up a room. Choose a colour that pops like yellow or blue in a fun print for added interest. In the winter, shades will help keep your bathroom just that little bit warmer as well. You can get beautiful semi-custom shades from a store like Home Depot for approximately $100.

Window Shades

If you’d like some help refreshing a space in your home, feel free to get in touch with us here at NeighborBuild by calling 613-692-7052 or emailing us at info@neighborbuild.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!

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